Welcome to Omii Academy: School of Mysticism

“Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.” Proverb

About Omii Academy

Omii Academy is a school tailored toward the continued development of Young Scholars, Yogi's , Mystics, Aspiring Witches, Shamans and Diviners.

Omi means water in Yoruba. In many languages Omi means water which shows its vital importance across the globe as well as within ourselves.

Water is a medium of transformation and manifestation, power and stability. It has the power to promote growth and destruction all within its all encompassing nature.

Omii Academy was founded upon the principles that H20 contain and offer to the world:

Growth, Stability, Strength, Deepening a Connection to Source.

We give praise and honor to all of the elemental energies.

We thank you for your presence in our lives.

A Message From Us

Our Mission

To support our communities through online and in person courses, classes, and workshops that assist them in healing themselves, connecting with their oracle psychic abilities, learning how to divine and use diving tools and stepping into their divine power. We have multiple outreach programs and scholarships for our students to expand their minds and to encourage their learning, healing, and deepening their spiritual practice.

Wait... There's More.

We hold space for our younger scholars starting at the age of 2 through online schooling and tutoring. We implement the importance of family into our curricula with the support and love of their parents they will have a great foundation to grow upon.

Scholarships, Collaborations, & Sponsorships

assisting our students never felt better

Omii Academy's
African Diaspora Scholarship


This scholarship can take a percentage off of select courses, workshops, retreats etc, offered at Omii Academy. Upon completing your application, there will be a virtual interview, and you will be notified of how much can be taken off at this time and if you are accepted.

To qualify:

  • you must be a part of the diaspora of melanated peoples
  • Submit the application and have an interview before the deadline to be considered.
  • Be willing to assist at workshops, retreats, during class, etc

Applications are open: April 1, 2023

Applications close: Aug 6, 2023

Applications are open and close per season at the beginning and near of a season. Currently, we are in Summer Season.

Submit your application.

Apply Now

Operation Action Presents
The Sankofa Program

Next abroad trip is Spring 2024 in Winnipeg, Canada!

This program is tailored towards students who are taking Conscious Courses at schools within OUR communities. They take abroad trips for further self-discovery, inner-transformation and to explore other countries within our African Diaspora. Their mission is to select honorary students to participate in this exploration. You must be a student to apply.

Contact Omi to learn more.